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Hana Lukac

Hana Lukac is the director at Mula Yoga. She is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher. Her style is best described as a fusion of Creative Vinyasa, Para Yoga and Smart Flow. Hana’s classes are intelligently sequenced, accessible for students of all levels, while being challenging and informative. She puts great emphasis on hands on adjustments helping the students take their practice to the next level.

Shawna Turner

Shawna is a certified yoga and Pilates instructor specializing in movement as therapy. Shawna grew up as a competitive gymnast and developed a love for movement at an early age. She studied Vinyasa flow yoga in Bali, Indonesia and has strong roots in this style. Having practiced many forms of yoga over the years she believes that there is a style of yoga for everyone.


Shawna's commitment to yoga started in India, 2010.  She radiates an open heart,  infusing breath & mindfulness in her yoga classes.  Shawna has several yoga certifications, most recently in the style of ParaYoga, Tantric Hatha.  She will invite you to be present in your practice by creating a connection energetically, emotionally, physically and spiritually - and being with whatever unfolds.  Get ready to hustle with heart, and let it spill into your life!  

Amica Hilton

Amica started a daily Ashtanga practice in 2006. She found the practice challenging and intense, but the method left her feeling calm and grounded. Over the years, she has studied with many experienced teachers and inspiring senior practitioners whose wisdom, kindness & passion for this practice have lit her way. Each has played a integral part in her journey.

Jelayna Da Silva

Jelayna is a passionate yoga teacher and forever student. Her classes are created to flow seamlessly from pose to pose, allowing students to ease into the union of breath and body. Each practice is filled with thoughtful playlists of music and alignment cues to keep joints and muscles happy.  Her philosophy for teaching is simple - teach with love, empathy, patience and humility. 

Alexandra Laliberte

Having a great love for the spiritual and physical practice of yoga, Aley completed her Vinyasa flow YTT in Bali with Mula Yoga.  With the desire to help others connect with their deeper selves, Aley seeks to bring mindfulness and balance in her teaching through the integration of her knowledge of anatomy, Pilates and yoga.

Sam De Martigny

Sam discovered yoga as a tool to ease his reactive mind, and fell in love. He is passionate about helping others to breath and move, while we learn to embrace our ever fluctuating physical body. His classes are a mix of alignment based flow, breath work and deep stretches, with an emphasis on connecting each movement with the breath.

Carlene Mcdavid

Carlene has been interacting with the world through movement for most of her life. Starting as a dancer at a young age and then finding yoga which brought a new layer of spirituality to her movement. Carlene’s classes emphasize expansive breath, seamless flows and new discoveries on the mat. She is forever seeking opportunities to deepen her practice, while sharing the gift of yoga to all. Carlene completed her 200-hr YTT at Mula in 2019.

Stella moolayil

Stella became a Yoga teacher through Mula Yoga in 2016, and her aim is to allow all her students to tap in and meet the serenity that’s within them. She hopes to shine a light on all that she meets by staying true to who she is and holding a safe space for all those around her to find their truth.