Hana Lukac

Hana Lukac is the director at Mula Yoga. She is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher. Her style is best described as a fusion of Creative Vinyasa, Para Yoga and Smart Flow. Hana’s classes are intelligently sequenced, accessible for students of all levels, while being challenging and informative. She puts great emphasis on hands on adjustments helping the students take their practice to the next level.

Shawna Turner

Shawna is a certified yoga and Pilates instructor specializing in movement as therapy. Shawna grew up as a competitive gymnast and developed a love for movement at an early age. She studied Vinyasa flow yoga in Bali, Indonesia and has strong roots in this style. Having practiced many forms of yoga over the years she believes that there is a style of yoga for everyone.

Jenn Headshot.jpg
jennifer peckett

Jenn completed her Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Mula in February 2020. Her classes emphasize creative sequences and fluid movements aligned to beat of the breath. She believes there are endless discoveries, lessons, and gifts to experience on our mats and seeks to help her students tap into them and explore their potential. Jenn is a passionate yoga teacher and forever student who loves to share the gifts of yoga with all the beautiful yogis - whether in person or the virtual studio.


Angela is a registered yoga teacher. For her, yoga is everything.  It slows her down when she’s moving too fast and gets her moving when she doesn’t want to move at all. She believes yoga and teaching are an extension of herself and they bring her closer to wholeness.  She hopes to bring that sense of wholeness to her students. Her classes focus on precise and playful movement to foster curiosity without fear or judgment and encourages the student to bring this playfulness off their mat.

Jelayna Da Silva

Jelayna is a passionate yoga teacher and forever student. Her classes are created to flow seamlessly from pose to pose, allowing students to ease into the union of breath and body. Each practice is filled with thoughtful playlists of music and alignment cues to keep joints and muscles happy.  Her philosophy for teaching is simple - teach with love, empathy, patience and humility. 

Alexandra Laliberte

Having a great love for the spiritual and physical practice of yoga, Aley completed her Vinyasa flow YTT in Bali with Mula Yoga.  With the desire to help others connect with their deeper selves, Aley seeks to bring mindfulness and balance in her teaching through the integration of her knowledge of anatomy, Pilates and yoga.


Betsy is a certified yoga and Pilates instructor. Guided by the belief that you need a strong foundation to find the greatest freedom in your body, she loves combining the two modalities for an empowering, heartfelt practice.  Her classes will leave you feeling challenged, supported and connected to your body and breath.

Carlene Mcdavid

Carlene has been interacting with the world through movement for most of her life. Starting as a dancer at a young age and then finding yoga which brought a new layer of spirituality to her movement. Carlene’s classes emphasize expansive breath, seamless flows and new discoveries on the mat. She is forever seeking opportunities to deepen her practice, while sharing the gift of yoga to all. Carlene completed her 200-hr YTT at Mula in 2019.

Stella moolayil

Stella became a Yoga teacher through Mula Yoga in 2016, and her aim is to allow all her students to tap in and meet the serenity that’s within them. She hopes to shine a light on all that she meets by staying true to who she is and holding a safe space for all those around her to find their truth.

Amber Alitawi

Ever since stepping on the mat, Amber has not stopped falling in love with yoga as a way to build mental, emotional, and physical strength. In her class, students can expect to combine breath and movement, coupled with playful and creative flows that challenge them to explore their potential. After her initial teacher training, Amber completed a mentorship program with Hana and is currently working towards her 500-hour advanced yoga teacher certification. 

Brittany ugolini

In 2010, Brittany stepped onto the yoga mat for the first time and has continued to fall in love with the practice ever since. In 2017, she completed her 200hr Vinyasa training and has been teaching creative and mindful classes ever since. In addition to her initial training, Brittany has also completed 50 hours of pre and post-natal training and is currently working through her 80hr Advanced Sequencing training at Mula. In her own personal practice and also in her classes, Brittany tries to encompass a yogic lifestyle with a big focus on taking what is learned on the mat, off of it into the real world.

Angelica Rao

Angelica is passionate about sharing a yoga practice that promotes peace of mind, connectedness, embodiment and healing. By creating and holding a safe space, she invites students to connect with their breath, the present moment and whatever they are feeling, experiencing, or working through. Through challenging, mindful movement connected to breath and intention, the yoga that she shares is healing, grounding, and transformative. Angelica wholeheartedly believes that everyone should have access to the benefits of yoga. She shares practice in women’s shelters, with youth in underserved communities, and with individuals from low income communities with mental health and addiction issues.

Owen ware

Owen is a Toronto based yoga and meditation teacher with over 20 years experience as a musician. His approach to yoga has a strong connection to sound and rhythm, and he has a passion for creating live music in his classes with the handpan, singing bowls, and other sound tools. Owen’s classes invite you to enter into deep states of relaxation, calm, and connectedness.

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