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Waterfall Pose

20h restorative yoga training


Add more colour and depth to your teaching palette...


February 24th 7:30pm-9pm
February 25th 1:30pm-5pm
February 26th 2:30pm-8pm
March 10th 7:30pm=9pm
March 11th 1:30pm-5pm
March 12th 2:30pm-8pm


Who is this for? 

This training is for those interested in incorporating more restorative yoga into their practice and/or teaching. You'll learn the mechanisms of short term, medium term and long term stress as well as how to work with them. This training will explore how restorative yoga works on the nervous system and how to use the breath to deepen our sense of relaxation and surrender. You'll learn how to set up restorative postures and use a variety of props to support the practice. You'll experience the postures for yourself as well as a full restorative class. 


$400 CAD + HST

Dive Deeper YTT graduates receive $50 off

in this course you will learn

  • What is the nervous system, and how it functions

  • What is stress and how to work with it 

  • The control of breathing 

  • The mechanics of breathing

  • Breathing and the nervous system 

  • Breathing techniques for managing the nervous system 

  • Foundations of Restorative Yoga, including 

  • General guidelines 

  • How to work with props and prop alternatives 

  • Inducing pratyahara (sense withdrawal)

  • Timing of postures 

  • Setting up a variety of different postures 

  • Sequencing a restorative class

Hatha Class
"Conscious relaxation in the form of restorative yoga is an invitation inwards. It's setting yourself up to be fully supported so you can do the deep work of letting go, trusting in the universe and allowing your nervous system to recover from a state of constant stress. "

meet simone nitzan

Simone is a mother, anatomy and yoga teacher, massage therapist and yoga student for life. She has been teaching since 2009 and has studied with a variety of teachers, including Judith Hansen Lasater, the mother of Restorative Yoga and her daughter Lizzie Lasater. She is currently based in Toronto and is a co-founder of the online yoga studio Simone teaches vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga and meditation on the Marigold Yoga platform.
Simone brings her expertise in anatomy and physiology into the yoga room, where she works to inform her students how to safely and sustainably work with their bodies through Yoga Asana, the breath and other energetic elements of the practice. She believes yoga can help heal physical and emotional injury, and she works with her students to find the unique practices that work for each of their body-minds.

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