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Returning to the Source: Yin Yoga and Sound Bath

Sunday, November 26th from 6-8pm

We’re back for a late-autumn edition of Yin Yoga and Sound! 


Join Mula’s Angelica Rao and Sound Healer Owen Ware for an evening of breath, stillness, and sound.

This experience has been designed with the intention of restoring the nervous system, the mind, and the body to a state of ease from which we can move through the world with more love and peace. At the global level, we are living through dark, divisive, and traumatic times. At the societal level, we tend to be overworked, stressed, tired, and disconnected. Yoga is about reconnecting to the source. It is about remembering who we really are. It is about stepping into the seat of the witness. It is about healing and empowerment, not for their own sake, but so that we may be kinder and more conscious members of our world. 

These are big words, but the intention for the evening is simple. We are coming together to create a warm and blissful cocoon within which you can soften to what is, release what needs to be released, and experience nourishment at the physical, pranic, and mental levels, so that you may connect to some deeper truths. This practice is about being rather than doing, receiving rather than giving, and allowing rather than forcing. AND it is meant to be a treat! 

You can expect the beautiful Mula studio to be enveloped with the ethereal sounds of crystal bowls, hand pans, tibetan bowls, and other instruments while you are led through a delicious Yin Yoga practice of stillness and inner exploration. The session will close with yoga nīdra to guide you from the sensory world to a deeper place of knowing. 

Join us for a sensory treat and an opportunity to return to the source.

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