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Hana Lukac is the founder, owner and director of Mula Yoga. She is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher. Her style is best described as a fusion of Creative Vinyasa, Para Yoga and Smart Flow. Hana’s classes are intelligently sequenced, accessible for students of all levels, while being challenging and informative. She puts great emphasis on hands on adjustments helping the students take their practice to the next level.


Brendan has worked with competitive athletes focusing his classes around energetic and heat building sequences with mobility and strength work. The three main fundamentals Brendan applies to his teaching philosophy are functional strength, mobility, and flexibility. He emphasizes cultivating a strong mind-body connection during his sequences, and his background in athletics combines dynamic movements with the traditional philosophies and integration of classic yoga sequencing to create a modern style of power vinyasa. Leave Brendan’s classes feeling energized, uplifted, and connected!

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Gaby alanes

The greatest teacher is the inner teacher. In connecting with our inner self, we will find joy, unconditional love and our limitless potential. I aim to create and hold a space for others to experience the most authentic, honest and pure version of themselves. I am forever a student and enjoy teaching various types of classes. I am very passionate about teaching Energy Flow classes as I believe energy is everything. I aim to help students understand and connect with their own energy in order to unveil the brightest versions of themselves. 

Alexandra Laliberte

Having a great love for the spiritual and physical practice of yoga, Aley completed her Vinyasa flow YTT in Bali with Mula Yoga.  With the desire to help others connect with their deeper selves, Aley seeks to bring mindfulness and balance in her teaching through the integration of her knowledge of anatomy, Pilates and yoga.


Stella became a Yoga teacher through Mula Yoga in 2016, and her aim is to allow all her students to tap in and meet the serenity that’s within them. She hopes to shine a light on all that she meets by staying true to who she is and holding a safe space for all those around her to find their truth.


I teach yoga because it came into my life at a time that I was struggling with a chronic and debilitating health condition, as well as its accompanying anxiety and depression. Yoga, coupled with meditation, self inquiry and ayurveda literally brought me back to life. I can't possibly do anything else in this life but share the gifts of these ancient sciences and continue to immerse myself in their teachings.


My classes combine a blend of long holds, vinyasa-style fluidity, pranayama and meditation, with a focus on accessing presence within each moment, thereby allowing the practice to be a portal into deepened self-connection and self-knowing. 

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Betsy is a certified yoga and Pilates instructor. Guided by the belief that you need a strong foundation to find the greatest freedom in your body, she loves combining the two modalities for an empowering, heartfelt practice.  Her classes will leave you feeling challenged, supported and connected to your body and breath.

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Movement Therapist. Inversions. Fascial Stretch Therapy. Event Host. Space Holder. Vegan Cook. Good Vibes Setter.

Jaclyn started her movement journey as a competitive dancer and shifted into the much kinder space of yoga. After a few years of her own practice she decided to undergo her first teacher training of 200 hours in Goa, India. Since then she has continued her education in the movement space, adding different modalities like Hot/Cold Exposure, Stretch Therapy, Pilates, Reformer, Mediation, Breathwork, Aerial Yoga and more. Jaclyn's deep passions are holding a safe container for people to go through transformative experiences to heal themselves from the inside out, and building community.

Angelica Rao

Angelica is passionate about sharing a yoga practice that promotes peace of mind, connectedness, embodiment and healing. By creating and holding a safe space, she invites students to connect with their breath, the present moment and whatever they are feeling, experiencing, or working through. Through challenging, mindful movement connected to breath and intention, the yoga that she shares is healing, grounding, and transformative. Angelica wholeheartedly believes that everyone should have access to the benefits of yoga. She shares practice in women’s shelters, with youth in underserved communities, and with individuals from low income communities with mental health and addiction issues.


Sound healer. Yoga instructor. Personal Trainer. Thai Massage Therapist. Retreat Host. 


Jade has over 6 years of experience specializing in fitness and personal development. Her yoga classes allow you to tap into your creative, wild self while combining strength, mindfulness and flexibility, leaving you feeling strong but relaxed.


Her deepest passion is sound healing. After moving to Bali to deepen her knowledge, she shares frequencies that harmonize the mind, body and soul. When she is not teaching, you can find her barefoot hiking and dancing. 

Carleigh beverly

Carleigh’s always been captivated by expression through body. She started dance classes at three years old and attended The National Ballet School. She leaned into yoga after an injury which showed her the true healing powers mind, body and soul that yoga had to offer. She completed for 200YTT in 2018 and studied with the incomparable Hana for Advance Sequencing at Mula. Since then Carleigh’s been on her yoga journey infusion fluidity of movement and cultivating connection to self. She can still be found dancing in forrests, rooftops, dance classes or where ever she finds an empty space to absorb and create in. Her flows are focused on energizing and soothing sequences so you can glide into release and press into your roots for that sacred stability. Carleigh is by day a Behavioural Therapist with a Certification in Tarot Reading for the best of both hemispheres of the brain.

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