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Welcome to Mula Yoga

Welcome to Mula Yoga


Mula Yoga is deeply rooted in the belief that strengthening the practice of yoga will significantly improve the quality of life. We are a community-based, ashtanga-vinyasa studio focused on helping you learn and develop your practice.

Tucked away in the heart of the Queen West Neighbourhood, Mula Yoga brings a breath of fresh air to the city core. Our classes are guided by highly skilled, exceptionally trained teachers with great passion for sharing the gift of Yoga.

About Mula
21 Days Unlimited Yoga for $42



yoga glow

This is a unique two hour class led by the studio director Hana Lukac. Years of experience with teaching and practicing different styles of yoga led to this class that powerfully combines asana, pranayama, bandhas, mantras, mudras and meditation. Each class is carefully sequenced to allow you to experience a glimpse of your true potential. This class is rooted in Tantra Hatha tradition.

core flow

This is a dynamic asana practice with a special focus on pilates based core work. 

All levels are welcome. 

energy flow

An all levels vinyasa flow class that integrates various breathing techniques. This skillful integration of Pranayama will improve your awareness of your energetic potential and leave you feeling empowered and deeply connected to yourself. 

movement Flow

This is a fun, fast moving flow class that focuses on physical strength, stability and flexibility, while using creative sequencing and upbeat music. 


This is a 75min Movement Flow class that focuses on advanced asanas such as arm balances and inversions.  This class moves fast and is not suitable for beginners. At least 1 year of previous regular practice required.

Flow &
Let Go

This class combines the strengthening qualities of dynamic movement flow practice with the beautiful, relaxing Nidra. For the first 45 min you will be working on building the inner heat and strength while the second 45min of the class you will be working on deep Yoga Nidra relaxation. This class will leave you feeling rejuvenated, grounded & open.


A slow, fluid class focused on mindful transitions, sweet stretches and longer holds. Prepare to harmonize the breath with the movement for a calming and relaxing experience that feels like meditation in motion. 

This class is suitable for all levels. 

pre-recorded classes:

dive deeper yoga with hana

Practice like a true yogi! Take advantage of the journey that is impossible to offer in a group setting.

Yoga can be an incredibly potent tool for aligned, powerful and radiant life. 


The more clarity you have on your needs and desires, the more specific your practice needs to be to fulfill those needs.

Dive Deeper Yoga is an amazing platform that offers physical, energetic and meditative practices designed for specific goals. Whether you're working on a particular pose, energetic quality or aspect of life, Hana has a practice for you. The classes range from 12min-90min.

For the most efficient results, try practicing the same class for 40days. The results are mind-blowing!

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