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Mula Yoga is deeply rooted in the belief that strengthening the practice of yoga will significantly improve the quality of life. We are a community-based, ashtanga-vinyasa studio focused on helping you learn and develop your practice.

Tucked away in the heart of the Queen West Neighbourhood, Mula Yoga brings a breath of fresh air to the city core. Our classes are guided by highly skilled, exceptionally trained teachers with great passion for sharing the gift of Yoga.

21 Days Unlimited Yoga for $42



yoga glow

This is a unique two hour class led by the studio director Hana Lukac. Years of experience with teaching and practicing different styles of yoga led to this class that powerfully combines asana, pranayama, bandhas, mantras, mudras and meditation. Each class is carefully sequenced to allow you to experience a glimpse of your true potential.

core flow

This is a dynamic asana practice with a special focus on pilates based core work. 

All levels are welcome. 

Morning Vinyasa

A flowing class preparing you for the rest of your day, rejuvenating your body and mind.   Starting with gentle movement, bringing awareness into your body, gradually building up pace and intensity, towards a more energizing flow. The class ends with deep stretching to release any remaining tension from the body.

movement Flow

This is a fun, fast moving flow class that focuses on physical strength, stability and flexibility, while using creative sequencing and upbeat music. 


Perfect class during your lunch break. This 45 minute Vinyasa flow will re-energize your body, ground your feet and clear your mind.


This is a 75min Movement Flow class that focuses on advanced asanas such as arm balances and inversions.  This class moves fast and is not suitable for beginners. At least 1 year of previous regular practice required.

Flow &
Let Go

This class combines the strengthening qualities of dynamic movement flow practice with the beautiful, restorative qualities of yin. For the first 45 min you will be working on building the inner heat and strength while the second 45min of the class you will be working on stretches and relaxation. This class will leave you feeling rejuvenated, grounded & open.

w/ sound

Slow down and treat yourself to this luxurious restorative practice, where plenty of props are used to create a supportive environment for mental and physical release. This class is accompanied by live sound bath. The perfect complement to a vigorous vinyasa practice, you will leave this class feeling refreshed and restored. All levels welcome.


Recommended for beginners, Foundation acts as an introductory workshop. During the class, the instructors focus on basic yoga asanas (poses), Sun Salutations and breathing. The students will become more aware of their posture and musculature through “hands on adjustments”. Foundation is a challenging and fun way of learning.


A slow, fluid class focused on mindful transitions, sweet stretches and longer holds. Prepare to dive deeper into your breath and body for a calming and relaxing experience that acts as a moving meditation. This class is soft and smooth and suitable for all levels of practice.

mula yoga wheel flow

Mula Yoga Wheel Flow is a fluid practice that combines elements of Vinyasa with Pilates while using the yoga wheel. This practice focuses on joint stability, core strength and happy open back. All levels are welcome. 


Pilates is a form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates. It emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement. This class is open to all levels.

New teacher feature:

Amber Alitawi

Ever since stepping on the mat, Amber has not stopped falling in love with yoga as a way to build mental, emotional, and physical strength. In her class, students can expect to combine breath and movement, coupled with playful and creative flows that challenge them to explore their potential. After her initial 200H teacher training, Amber completed a mentorship program with Hana Lukac and is currently working towards her 500h advanced yoga certification.

You can find Amber at Mula every Wednesday at 5:45pm and Saturday at 11:45am for an uplifting movement flow class. 


80 Mitchell Ave,
Toronto, ON


Tel: 416.364.9128

​Email: info@mulayoga.ca

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