80h advanced sequencing


Add more colour and depth to your teaching palette... 



January 25h & 26th 

February 8th & 9th

February 22nd & 23rd

February 29th & March 1st 

Who is this for? 

Advanced Sequencing is for yoga teachers who are interested in re-vamping their yoga classes. Yoga has an abundance of physical, energetic and spiritual techniques that can be used to help you and your students reach their potential. This course will provide you with the tools necessary to skilfully layer these techniques and deepen the impact of yoga in your classes.


$1250 CAD + HST

in this course you will learn

  • Sequencing towards an advanced peak asana

  • Physical conditioning based on the plane of movement 

  • Bio-Energetics: Bandha, Mudra, Mantra, Vayus in depth

  • Sequencing to balance Doshas


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