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Tantric hatha path: Moon, Sun & Fire
Tantra has many meanings, one of them being "weaving". Therefore, it focuses on the weaving of spiritual teachings and experiences into our every day life. 
This is a three part exploration of the Tantric Hatha Path. 
Moon- practice that focuses on stilling and stabilizing the mind.
Sun- practice that is about the nourishment of our whole system and tapping into the essence of life.
Fire- practice that stokes the fire of transformation and allows access into the magic of Sushumna Nadi. 
This three part workshop will include an hour lecture and a two hour practice with asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation. 
Who is this for? Anyone curious to deepen their yoga practice on an energetic and spiritual levels.
Schedule- :

Friday October 30th 1pm-4pm

Saturday October 31st  12pm-3pm 

Sunday November 1st  12pm- 3pm

Price: $125+HST


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