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Join the series to add to your advanced YTT hours

  • Balance Your Doshas: Part 3
    Mon, Jun 15
    Online Workshop Series | June 15 - 20
    Doshas give you a clue about that part of yourself that tends to fall out of balance. You will explore how to balance each of the Doshas, inviting your mind and body into the place of stability and balance. Workshop starts at $100.
  • Ignite Your Light - Bandhas: Part 2
    Mon, Jun 01
    Online Workshop Series | June 1 - 6
    Bandhas are energetic locks in your body that allow you to purify, harness and ignite your innate light. Workshop starts at $150.
  • Journey Through Vayus: Part 1
    Mon, May 18
    Online Workshop Series | May 18 - 30
    What is in the Universe is already within you, it is just a matter of activating and harmonizing those incredible energies. Workshop starts at $150.
  • Energetics of Asana: Part 4
    Time is TBD
    Online Workshop Series | Date TBD
    According to the father of modern day yoga, Krishnamacharya, asana (the physical practice of yoga) can be divided into six categories. Each of these categories has its unique physical, energetic and mental properties that you'll explore. Workshop starts at $175.
No upcoming events at the moment
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